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A Smudge Subscription Box

Smudging is one of many ways to energetically cleanse a space and invite positive energy. Practice mindfulness, set your intentions, light your Salvia Smudgesticks and let the smoke ascend into your space.

Herb /(h)ərb/

any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, perfume and more!


Our Pricing Plans



Natural Smudge

Contains: 4 Smudge Sticks, 1 Set Your Intentions Journal (Quarterly) & 15 Safety Matches



Prodigious Smudge

Contains: 7 Smudge Sticks, 1 Set Your Intentions Journal (Quarterly) & 15 Safety Matches

Upcoming Events

Sat, Nov 28
107 S Water St
Shop Small Henderson
Come #GetSmudged with Salvia Smudge on Historic Water St.!! We will have all of our lovely Smudge Store products available! Ground yourself with Salvia Smudge and grab an anklet or bracelet! Place a pre-order for crystal jewelry of intention and pick it up at Shop Small! Build a Smudge box!!

PO Box 35435
Las Vegas, NV 89133-5435

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