30 minutes of meditation before bed

Good Evening Kings & Queens ✨

Happy Motivational Monday Smudgers!!

Affirm: I feel joy and contentment in this moment.

As the evening winds down we want to remind you to practice at least 30 minutes meditating each evening! (30 minutes in the morning would be nice as well 🥰)

You matter and after a busy day of tending to everyone and everything, some time set aside to just BE, is necessary.

Tomorrow when you awake, begin your day with an attitude of gratitude! Thank you bed for assisting in your slumber, thank your plants for oxidizing, look in the mirror and compliment yourself! You are BEAUTIFUL!

This Friday, October 16th is the third Super New Moon of the year! It will also be the year's closest and largest moon! Grab your SmudgeBoxes and Set Your Intentions!!

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