Motivational Monday 10.05.2020

Grand Rising Kings and Queens!

Affirm: I release all negative thoughts of the past and all worries about the future.

Did you know that everything begins in the mind? Where our cognitions end, manifestation begins. Be cognizant of what you are ALLOWING your mind to do!

Last week we talked about going within (copy of email on site Blog). Did anyone practice? Any tips for fellow Smudgers? Comment under the Blog post and share your experiences! Just like we feed our bodies, what we feed our minds matters too!

Often we are caught up in the matrix of our daily lives we don’t recognize how outside stimuli effects us. Have you ever felt the anger from a show? Began to cry while watching the news? Felt extreme happiness while watching someone get married? All of these are our bodies natural reactions to outside stimuli!

Salvia Smudge asks that you consciously stimulate yourself with positive things. Give something to smile about! Watch a comedy and laugh! Burn a Juniper smudge stick and invite positive energy! Surround yourself with beauty and bask in the ambiance!

In Las Vegas? Come out Sunday, October 18th to the Fall Fair POP Up!! Located at SUNCOAST Casino & Hotel!

Salvia Smudge will be blessing this Pop Up with all Salvia products and of course some Love! Stop by and say hello! #GetSmudged and checkout the other great vendors!!

October's New Moon is October 16th, 2020! #GetSmudged today and receive your SmudgeBox to Set Your Intentions with! Or grab a Smudge Journal and get writing!!

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