Salvia Milk Bath SOAK


An organically and naturally sourced Salvia SOAK. Enjoy the revitalizing and balancing aromas of this soak. Infused with natural florals and essential oils this SOAK is made to please. This SOAK was curated with a lot of love and the energy is fluid through the bath. Enjoy smudging and soaking with Salvia Smudge. 2oz Salvia SOAK for one time use. Just add one cup of milk (almond, coconut, oat, etc.) All SOAK's come with a Museli bag to ease cleaning (your bath does not have to "look cute" it'll FEEL amazing either way! 

Salvia Milk Bath SOAK's
  • Care Instructions

    For one time use only. External use only. No age restrictions. 

    Store in dark, cool location for preservartion. 

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